Annual Communication

Appeals & Grievances

Report of the Appeals and Grievances Committee The Appeals and Grievances Committee was presented with one appeal of a Trial Commission finding this year. The committee reviewed the records from the trial of Brother David Hartman, a member of Minnehaha Lodge No. 165. Bro. Hartman had been found guilty of unMasonic conduct by a duly

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Trial Commission

REPORT OF THE CHIEF TRIAL COMMISSIONER Three matters were referred to the Chief Trial Commissioner during the past year: Brother Andrew J. Teigen, a member of Mankato Lodge No. 12 in Mankato, was expelled from all rights and privileges of Masonry for unMasonic conduct, following his guilty plea to a felony level charge of criminal

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REPORT OF AREA DEPUTY/DISTRICT REPRESENTATIVE CHAIRMAN The duties of the committee are diverse and include the coordination of the various activities of the Area Deputies and District Representatives. These activities are regularly reported to the Corporate Board. The committee is composed of the AD/DR Chairman, all Area Deputies, the Chairman of the Board of Custodians,

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Report of Minnesota DeMolay 2023 for DeMolay Minnesota was a growing crescendo of enthusiasm. We are seeing membership growth in multiple chapters, event attendance is up, and Masonic Family relations continue to strengthen. We continue to add new events with an operating model that seeks to provide unique or special experiences to our members that

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Job’s Daughters

ANNUAL REPORT OF MINNESOTA JOB’S DAUGHTERS Greetings from the Job’s Daughters of Minnesota, This past year has brought into view the reality that, in short form, our organization could cease to exist.Our goal this year has been to Reimagine, Reinvent and Reinvigorate Job’s Daughters in Minnesota. The world in 2024, and the needs of its youth,

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REPORT OF THE LEADERSHIP COMMITTEE Summary of committee work this year: Committee has been meeting over Zoom, roughly bi-weekly, on Sunday evenings . Every member of this committee with the exception of WB Justin Thompson is new this year. We’ve been adding members every month. Since July, our committee had many distinguished guests at our

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REPORT OF THE MEMBERSHIP COMMITTEE The current membership committee kicked off a new year in April 2023 after the annual communication. One of our first initiatives was to update our marketing materials and rebrand our dated resources. These efforts were enhanced by a film & photo shoot which included Masons from across Minnesota. Said images

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REPORT OF THE MENTORING COMMITTEE Mentoring is a vital part of each candidate’s education as they become Master Masons. When Mentoring candidates, we need to make sure their expectations of Masonry are met. Men have expectations of what Masonry will be when they knock on the door to join. Mentoring is one tool to ensure

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Grand LEO

REPORT OF THE GRAND LODGE EDUCATION OFFICER In 2023, there was a primary educational theme emphasizing the significance of travel, complemented by the secondary theme of interconnectedness. Our interactions with others and the world around us hold a pivotal role in Masonry, both presently and historically. These cemented bonds are the key to unlocking our

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