ANNUAL REPORT OF MINNESOTA DEMOLAY For Minnesota DeMolay, 2022 was a year of strategic change. In our first year of funding from the J.E. Meyers Memorial fund, this opened up opportunities that had never been possible before. We needed to pivot our mindset from running on a shoestring “DIY” approach to one in which is …

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Job’s Daughters

ANNUAL REPORT OF MINNESOTA JOB’S DAUGHTERS Greetings from the Job’s Daughters of Minnesota, This past year has brought the return of more normal activities for our members. Our number one priority has been membership. We were thrilled to initiate 21 new members into 9 of our Bethels. Unfortunately, we’re still feeling the effects of the …

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REPORT OF THE KIDSID PROGRAM We have finally managed to move forward passed the last two years of the pandemic; KidsID is up and running. Once again, your lodges can resume helping our community and protect our most valuable resource, its children. Even though we have completed only four events since the restart, spring and …

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