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Greetings from the Job’s Daughters of Minnesota,

This past year has brought into view the reality that, in short form, our organization could cease to exist.Our goal this year has been to Reimagine, Reinvent and Reinvigorate Job’s Daughters in Minnesota. The world in 2024, and the needs of its youth, are very different than they were in 1920, or even 2020.Our number one priority has been membership, and we have been taking a very hard look at WHAT we do and WHY and HOW it’s done. Are we really doing things because it’s for the best of the order, or just because we’ve always done it that way? If the answer is the latter, then we have to stop and think about whether that is the best thing for the future of Job’s Daughters. Within the last GGC year, we have initiated (or have initiations scheduled for) 30 new members. Bethel 39 was taken out of reorganization thanks to its ability to pivot, promote and grow! We anticipate at least one more Bethel achieving this milestone in the coming year. Bethel 16 was moved from St Paul to Excelsior, and has successfully built a great relationship with their Lodge and OES chapter.Interest was expressed by both the Brainerd and Alexandria lodges around opening a Bethel in both locations. Unfortunately, I received no response when I reached out to set up meetings with both lodges to discuss next steps.

At the end of July, 28 members and adults from Minnesota traveled to Middleton, Wisconsin for our Supreme Session. Many of our  members participated in performing arts, ritual, and arts & crafts competitions, earning numerous awards for their efforts. For the second year in a row, our Supreme Bethel Honored Queen was selected from a state in Brazil while our Supreme Bethel Senior and Junior Princesses were selected from Canada and the US. We were also able to celebrate Past Grand Guardian M’Lyse Haugen, who was selected as Supreme Third Messenger. Past Grand Guardians Amanda LeBlanc and Beth Garten were elected as Chair and VIce Chair of the Board of Trustees.

One of the most groundbreaking things to happen at Supreme Session 2023 was the passing of legislation giving each jurisdiction the ability to select and send two youth members to Supreme Session each year with voting credentials. This gives the members of the order a very real ability to have a say in how the order they love moves into the future. Before the session was over,Minnesota leadership had already met and drafted a process by which the state membership will select those delegates who will bring their voices to the world.

Always a highlight of the year is our annual camp held in August at Camp Lake Hubert in Nisswa. Camp is an opportunity for our members to have fun and bond in a relaxed environment, try new activities, and learn many valuable leadership and life skills. We were happy to welcome the Junior Grand Steward, Greg Vokovan for a few hours on Saturday to The Wonderful World of Books camp. We very much appreciate your donation to help offset the registration fee, and the opportunities it allows our members.

Minnesota was also able to participate in the funeral service for a Majority Member from California who passed in January 2024 after having moved to Minnesota.Stephanie’s mother reached out requesting a Living Cross at her service the same day as our annual Mid WInter meeting.We were able to send 7 members with 3 adult chaperones to her service in Minneapolis.This is proof that Job’s Daughters are truly sisters, no matter where they are from!

As of the writing of this report, we just wrapped up Let’s Grow! Grand Bethel in Brainerd, where we crowned our new Grand Bethel Honored Queen Sasha from Bethel 1, and Miss Jr Jobie Piper from Bethel 39. We were also able to read the letter of intent and announce Ella from Bethel 28 as our selected Daughter voting delegate to Supreme Session for the first time in JDI history! Sadly, we did not have enough contestants to hold a pageant, so we will not have a Miss MNJD this year.

We continue to focus on leadership with the help of the endowment fund from the Grand Lodge of Minnesota, planning not one, but TWO statewide leadership events over the last GGC year. In November we welcomed presenters on topics around diversity and inclusion, as well as using time management as a tool to help alleviate anxiety in our daily lives. This event also included sessions led by our Grand Bethel Honored Queen, Miss MNJD, and the HQ of Bethel 28 in Duluth. Our second Leadership event is a joint collaboration with MN DeMolay on April 20 at YMCA Camp Ihduhapi. It will include a panel discussion with Majority members of MNJD and Senior DeMolay discussing how the leadership skills they developed in their respective organizations are serving them in their post-youth group lives. We are also collaborating with Minnesota DeMolay on a Joint Year of Kindness, to encourage building a world of kindness and understanding through our leadership and actions.

Thank you for believing in the future of our members and partnering with us to help them grow into strong leaders of tomorrow. You are encouraged and always welcome to attend Bethel meetings and show support for our members. Let’s work together to help ensure the future success of both of our organizations!

Wendy Dimatteo
Grand Guardian

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