Report of Minnesota DeMolay

2023 for DeMolay Minnesota was a growing crescendo of enthusiasm. We are seeing membership growth in multiple chapters, event attendance is up, and Masonic Family relations continue to strengthen. We continue to add new events with an operating model that seeks to provide unique or special experiences to our members that they would be unlikely to have on their own. We are gaining more parental involvement and masonic involvement which has led to an increase in advisor registrations in the last year.

Minnesota DeMolay continues to keep leadership development at the forefront of their activities. A Councilor’s Retreat was held, bringing together the leaders of each Chapter to share ideas, build plans and learn from each other. We sent five young men and two adult advisors to the week-long leadership development camp called the Great Plains DeMolay Leadership Conference in Oklahoma. And finally, we attended the “Super Regional Leadership Conference at the DeMolay International Headquarters in Kansas City in the fall. Thank you to the Grand Lodge of Minnesota for providing the DeMolay Leadership Development Fund which continues to provide leadership development opportunities for our young men.

In the Winter months, the young men held the annual Winterfest in Duluth. The young men went curling, played broomball, watched a collegiate hockey game, rented out a movie theater and enjoyed the brotherhood of each other. A month later, they held a formal “Winter Ball” dance with Job’s Daughters held at the Zuhrah Shrine Center.

Spring brought our annual “Spring Degrees” held at Templar Lodge, where several new DeMolay were inducted into the order. An improv comedy, “Comedy Sportz” troupe we brought to the lodge and gave the young men a private show. In June, two of our DeMolay were the delegates to the DeMolay International Congress held in Cincinnati, OH.

Moving into Summer, in August was the annual Minnesota DeMolay Conclave where State Master Councilor Justin Glass (Hiawatha Chapter) retired his collar and our new State Master Councilor, Kaidyn Troy (Anoka Chapter) was installed. Kaidyn’s theme for this current term year is about the comradeship and energy of a “Sea Shanty”.

Fall brought the annual Airsoft event. This has become a very popular event that continues to function as a significant membership draw that fuels our recruitment efforts through the end of the year.

Finishing out 2023 in December, we held our annual Grand Master’s Class degrees where seven new DeMolay brothers were initiated in a degree class in honor of Most Worshipful Grand Master Dayton Berg. The Grand Master spoke to the new young men, giving them inspiring words to carry forward in their DeMolay career.

As I always do in this report, I would like to thank every Lodge, Chapter and appendant body that has continued to contribute space, time, energy, and funds in support of the programing and success for the young men of Minnesota DeMolay.There is an obvious correlation between the strongest Minnesota Masonic Lodges and those Lodges that support our Masonic Youth. 

Lodges that take an interest in these future leaders tend to be the most successful and leading Lodges in the state! We have had several DeMolay and parents of DeMolay petition Lodges in the last year. When a young man has a Mason as a mentor, they will naturally want to continue their fraternal journey into Freemasonry.

As Masons, we say we are building a better world by building better men. And throughout our Masonic lessons we teach a man to build his own temple of life. But in order to build a strong building one must start with a strong foundation. Brothers, “There is No Stronger Foundation” upon which to base one’s life than that of our Masonic Youth Groups. The lessons imparted to these kids are lessons based on OUR Masonic principles. The skills they learn, the fraternal bonds they form, and the memories made with their extended worldwide family are gifts that cannot be measured by any unit of currency. We must continue to focus on growth and sharing the gift that is Masonic Youth. I challenge each of you to sponsor a young woman into Job’s Daughters and a young man into DeMolay this year. Give them that gift!

Thank you brothers, for all you do, but more especially for what you do for our Masonic Youth.

Fraternally Submitted,

Aaron Brendel 

Executive Officer, Minnesota DeMolay

Active Member, International Supreme Council, Order of DeMolay

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