Minnesota Masonic Charities

In 2005, several long-standing charitable interests of Minnesota Masonry combined to create one umbrella organization, Minnesota Masonic Charities (MMC), with a mission to enhance the ability of the Fraternity to deliver services and support to its members, their families and others in our communities and indeed, around the world. Since then, MMC has grown to become one of the most influential nonprofit grant makers in the state, providing important services and significant contributions to positively impact outcomes in education, cancer research, eldercare, children’s health, community outreach and the preservation of Minnesota Masonic history.

Getting Involved

As the principal charity of Minnesota Masons, Minnesota Masonic Charities encourages Fraternal members to engage in our philanthropic endeavors. MMC provides many ways to get involved, from volunteer opportunities to fundraising events and planned giving options. Lodges and Chapters may also take advantage of MMC’s Matching Grants and Community Scholarships programs – two ways the organization works to double the impact of Fraternal members throughout Minnesota.

For more information, visit the Minnesota Masonic Charities Home Page, check out the “Masons and Stars” section of the site, or visit masons.umn.edu to get a closer look at how Masonic support has fueled meaningful advances in two of our mission areas: children’s health and cancer research.



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