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Freemasonry In Minnesota

Freemasonry is one of the world’s most historic fraternal organizations. For more than 300 years, our worldwide fraternity has brought together like-minded people committed to bettering themselves and their communities. Freemasonry encompasses a series of moral teachings based on allegory and the symbolism of ancient stone masonry. But we’re so much more than our history. We’re a way to find friendship, purpose, and connection.

At its core, Freemasonry is about:

  • True Friendship
    Many members meet their best friends through Freemasonry. That’s because our organization offers a combination that’s hard to find anywhere else: shared traditions, shared purpose, and a shared commitment to fostering lifelong relationships.
  • Personal Development
    Ancient Freemasons focused on building structures. Today’s Freemasons focus on building character. We believe in strong values, and we embody them through our actions, our relationships, and our service to others.
  • Supporting the Community
    Freemasons take an obligation to support those around them. Our members give back in a multitude of ways, from individual efforts to local charity drives to statewide initiatives through Minnesota Masonic Charities.
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