Summary of committee work this year:

Committee has been meeting over Zoom, roughly bi-weekly, on Sunday evenings .

Every member of this committee with the exception of WB Justin Thompson is new this year. We’ve been adding members every month. Since July, our committee had many distinguished guests at our meetings; MWB Andy Rice, MWB Rolf Widstrand, WB David Larson, and MWB Terry Tilton. We reviewed materials provided in response to a formal request for leadership training material from other selected Grand Lodges:

•               New Jersey

•               Texas

•               Michigan

•               Iowa

•               Washington

•               California

•               Idaho

The committee created an overall summary of this work, individual executive summaries, and all materials are housed in our shared work folder on Google Drive.

WB Justin Thompson stepped down as Chairman and WB Steve Stobbs became Chairman, transition completing in December.

Leadership training:

Focusing on 6 of 8 leadership skills identified by the Grand Master’s Leadership Taskforce, this committee spent the last several months in efforts to identify resources and develop material to address a need for Masonic leaders to learn–

•               Conflict Resolution

•               Strategic Planning/Vision Identification

•               Motivating Volunteer Workers

•               Delegation

•               Decision Making

•               Negotiation Skills

This effort includes reviewing resources from other volunteer organizations that provide a model and content for this leadership development, viewed through the Masonic lens of our tenets, particularly Brotherly Love, Relief, and Truth. All source material is also housed in the shared work folder on Google Drive.

We are moving toward a proven model, which appears to be an innovation in Masonry, a syllabus-based approach to individual leadership skill development. Material will be reproducible and with similar impact to our audience with each iterative presentation. To date, material of this sort in all jurisdictions appears to have been heavily dependent on the resources of the presenter.

Fraternally submitted,

Steve Stobbs, Chairman


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