About the Break-out Sessions

— Breakout Session 1: 2:45 – 3:45

Leadership & Motivating Volunteers – Hosted by Rear Admiral (Ret.) William Sizemore II, Grand Executive Director of the Southern Jurisdiction, Scottish Rite. Brother Sizemore is a second-generation Naval Aviator who served as the training officer and director of the Navy Fighter Weapons School (TOPGUN). You don’t want to miss this rare opportunity to hear from one of the most accomplished and effective leaders in the Masonic family. Brother Sizemore will share insightful and sage perspective from his years of leading, teaching, and motivating teams.

Grand View – Join W. Brother Jeff Clarke, General Manager of Grand View Systems, who will be hosting a general overview and tutorial. Grand View is the comprehensive encrypted web platform that enables Grand Lodge to effectively communicate and interact with our members across the state. This is a golden opportunity to learn operational insights and ask miscellaneous questions on how to use Grand View to your advantage within your specific lodge.

The other letter g – From Elder Futhark to modern English: How gebô — the old runic letter g — helps us understand what Charity is. The current meaning and use of the word charity are only a couple hundred years old. Yet, the concept of Charity has been known for millennia. There are important differences in the practice of Charity in the Western and Eastern traditions. We look into the origins of Charity in general, and its meaning in other languages, to try to find out what they can teach us about the Masonic virtue of Charity. Hosted by Brother Markus Mueller.

— Breakout Session 2: 4:00 – 5:00 —

Alcohol Policy and Gambling Regulations – Presented by MWB Tony Krall. This breakout will feature all you need to know about state laws and regulations surrounding lodge raffles, gaming, and use of alcohol at lodge events. The state of Minnesota has enhanced some of the legal details surrounding gambling and use of alcohol. You won’t want to miss this breakout which will ensure your lodge is safely (and legally) operating within the parameters of state law.

Grand View – See description above.

Civility School – Hosted by John Schweitz, CEO of Minnesota Masonic Charities. The Grand Lodge of Minnesota is excited to partner with Masonic Charities on this exciting project, which will provide students resources and support in navigating their journey in today’s world. The Civility School initiative will be dedicated to fostering respect, understanding, and kindness within our communities. A long-term goal is to equip our next generation of leaders with the ability to bridge divides, build strong face-to-face relationships, and shape a bright future through the power of civility and timeless values.

— Breakout Sessions – Tier 3 (Saturday): 8:45 – 9:45 —

All Masons from each of the five Grand Lodge Areas of the state are encouraged to attend the Breakout session for their Area. The Grand Lodge Area Deputy for that Area of the state will conduct each of the sessions.

  • Metroeast Area, led by Area Deputy Christopher Wendover
  • Metrowest Area, led by incoming Area Deputy Jason Lang
  • Northeast Area, led by Area Deputy Marty Meldahl
  • Northwest Area, led by Area Deputy Matt Curry
  • South Area (SW & SE), led by Area Deputy Clinton Christensen
  • Grand View for Lodge Secretaries, led by Jeff Clarke

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