In the previous year the Grand Lodge Mentoring Committee has had several projects it has worked on. We have attended and presented at Area Conferences. There has been committee work towards creating more education in the binder. We have put all the Binder content into Grandview. Finally, we have also reached out to Lodges to get a contact for Mentoring.

We as a committee made it a priority to have a representative at each of the Area Conferences. One member of the committee was able to attend a conference. We were also able to present at the Southwest Conference and the Northeast Conference. We made a few presentations to individual Lodges. If you missed one of our presentations and would like it for your Lodge, please contact us to arrange a date and time.

The committee led by WB Jason Lang entered all the Binder Content into Grandview. As your candidates go through the degrees and their progress is updated in Grandview, they will have access to the content that is in the Binder. This content is also available to the member of your Lodge that is assigned as their Mentor. We believe this work is going to help increase the education for each candidate as they go through the Degrees.

We are also looking and reviewing content to add to the Binder. We have reviewed content from other Grand Lodge Jurisdictions to see what they do as well as to see how our education rates. You can look for more updates to come as the year progresses. We are looking to add more events and social suggestions for mentors and their mentees. As we are a fraternity that thrives on being brotherly with our brothers.

Our latest project that we have been working towards is finding a contact for mentoring at each Lodge. We are wondering who is responsible for Mentoring and how we can contact them. We are hoping to help each Lodge that doesn’t have a mentoring program create one as well as learn from Lodges that have a strong program. Our hope is to begin partnering Lodges together and have the ones that have strong programs running assist the Lodges that don’t have a program. This can give each Lodge a direct contact on what they can do to assist each other. This will also help build relationships for helping with Degree work and other social events.

This coming year we are looking at Three Major Priorities. One will be to streamline the binder ordering process to make it more efficient for the committee to create. The second will be to make sure each Lodge has someone that is leading their mentoring program and they have a curriculum to use.

Finally, we are looking to transition some new members onto the committee and some members that have been on the committee for a while off. If you have any interest in being a part of what we are doing on the Mentoring Committee, please contact us to learn more.

If you have comments or suggestions for the committee, we can be reached either by email ( or by phone (612.564.0583).

Respectfully Submitted,
Jason Lang, PM, Co-Chair
Garrett Aalfs, PM, Co-chair
Evan Lindberg
Doug Kuchera
Bruce Carson, PM, liaison

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