Corporate Board

To the Most Worshipful Grand Lodge AF & AM of Minnesota,

The members of the Board of Corporate Trustees for the Grand Lodge year 2022-2023 were:

Tony R Krall, GM, Pres.
Dayton L. Berg, DGM, V. Pres.

Foster D. Solem, SGW, Sec. Robert S. Davis, JGW

Shawn R. Carrick, SGD
Charles Brust, JGD

Ethan A. Seaberg, PGM
Rolf M. Widstrand, PGM

The corporate Board is charged by the Minnesota Masonic Code to administer the financial affairs and other duties of the Grand Lodge during the period between Grand Lodge Annual Communications. For those purposes the Corporate Board met on 6 occasions in 2022- 2023:

            Minnesota Masonic Heritage Center, Bloomington         May 13, 2022
            Minnesota Masonic Heritage Center, Bloomington         July 8, 2022
            Minnesota Masonic Heritage Center, Bloomington         September 10, 2022
            Park Event Center, Waite Park                                       November 12, 2022
            Minnesota Masonic Heritage Center, Bloomington         January 14, 2023
            Minnesota Masonic Heritage Center, Bloomington         March 11, 2023

The following occasional communication were held:

            May 14, 2022                 Lodge Hall Dedication for Faribault Lodge No. 9 in Faribault
            September 24, 2022        Corinthian Lodge No. 67 Re-Dedication in Farmington
            October 29, 2022            Lodge Hall Dedication for Cornerstone Lodge No. 99 in Underwood

The following reappointments to the Board of Trustees of Minnesota Masonic Charities were recommended for an additional three-year term:
            James H. Proctor                                               Steven R. Johnson, PGM

The following new appointments to the Board of Trustees of Minnesota Masonic Charities were recommended for a three-year term:
            Robert L. Darling, PGM  Barbara Brihn, PWGM

A motion was passed to approve the nominations of:
            Frank Spevak as Grand Treasurer
            Keith W. Reierson as Grand Secretary

The following disbursements from the Col. Ladd Memorial Fund were approved during the 2022-2023 fiscal year:
         Face It Foundation                                      $25,000                   Men’s Mental Health Programs
         Hiram Lodge                                      $5,068                      Brother in Need
         Eagles Healing Nest                            $50,000                   Support Programs for Veterans
         Justin Meyer Scholarship                    $1,000                       Education Scholarship
         St. Cloud VA Medical Center               $3,500                       Support Programs for Veterans
         Western Star Lodge No. 26.              $5,000                       Brother in Need
         Masonic Service Association             $12,000                    Short Talk Bulletin Podcast Project
         Boy Scouts of America                       $10,000                     Support Programs for Youth
         G. W. Masonic Memorial                    $33,000                     Masonic History Preservation
         Fire Suppression                                $30,000                     Fire Suppression Units for Lodges
         Masonic Service Association             $5,000                      Disaster Relief
         Hiram Lodge                                       $5,000                       Family in Need

The Corporate Board of Trustees wishes to thank every Minnesota Mason for their support and assistance each year. The devotion and dedication of the members of our gentle craft continues to inspire the Trustees to strive to be the best stewards of our Masonic heritage that we can be. May our combined efforts truly convince mankind of the goodness of our institution, and most importantly may those efforts cause our Supreme Architect to be pleased in our doing.

Respectfully submitted,
Foster D. Solem, Senior Grand Warden
Secretary, Corporate Board of Trustees

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