Grand Master

In preparing to write the report of the Grand Master for 2022 – 2023, I did a fair amount of preparation. I reviewed prior Grandmaster reports. I tracked and summarized the travel that I had completed during the year. I reviewed my calendar and the events I had attended; and, unfortunately, those that I had been forced to miss. However, none of that truly prepared me to report to the Brethren about the year I was fortunate enough to occupy the east.
In the year 2022 – 2023, the Grand Lodge officers truly performed as a team. We took care of the business of the Grand Lodge as we had promised to do. Some of those tasks were pleasant, while others were not. However, we did not shirk from the responsibilities of our offices; and, as a team, we tried to address the challenges of Masonry in a straightforward manner. While not all actions were successful, please know that your officers approached every challenge with a focus on what was best for the Masons of Minnesota.
We attempted to identify the issues that were presented and decide how to address them as best we could. In the last few years, we have implemented programs and changes that would benefit the Masons of Minnesota. Just as no Grand Master can change things in a single 12-month period, the officers of the Grand Lodge recognize that good planning and programming must span more than a single term of office.
Therefore, over the past few years, we have worked together in creating long-term plans that will benefit
the Craft. The Lodge Building Trust Program is designed to provide no-interest loans so Masonic lodges can improve their presentation to the public. We have secured better insurance for lodges. We have attempted to address our financial needs for the future in a straightforward manner. We have instituted area conferences to allow Brothers closer interaction with the members of the Grand Lodge. We have tried to revitalize our committees, although we still need more members to work on the committees. We charged each committee with a series of tasks, and they have performed admirably. We have formed a stronger relationship with Minnesota Masonic Charities and are actively working together to promote Masonry and all of its activities, both charitable and fraternal. We continued with the Junior Wardens Conference believing that the best way to effect change in a lodge is to have a strong master governing the lodge during his term.
In my travels around the state visiting Brothers, I can truly say that the state of Minnesota Masonry is strong. While membership is not as high as we would like and is one of our largest struggles; to a man, each Brother that I met was dedicated the principles of Masonry. I have discovered what I always knew, that Masons are good men, leaders in their communities and dedicated citizens of their communities, state and nation.
I find my words are simply not enough to express the gratitude I have to the Craft for allowing me to serve as Grand Master during this last year. It has been the experience of a lifetime, and one that I shall never forget. I have been active in Masonry all of my life and will continue to be active; however, there is nothing that compares to the opportunity to meet with Brothers from around the state and provide some level of leadership to address the concerns facing the fraternity. It has been an honor to serve.
In closing, I thank all Masons of Minnesota for their trust, for their friendship, for the respect they showed to the office I held and, most of all, for being good, solid citizens of your communities and men that I am proud to call Brother Masons.
Tony R. Krall
Grand Master 2022-2023

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