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Minnesota Masonic Charities is nearing 20 years of proudly managing the major philanthropic endeavors of Minnesota Masonry. As has been stated often, MMC’s primary objective is “To be your Charity of choice because of the difference we make”.  We achieve this objective by consistently adhering to the Masonic tenets of brotherly love, relief and truth in everything we do.

We put these tenets into practice through a combination of charitable endeavors we own and operate and transformational philanthropic financial support of organizations we have identified as serving populations of people for whom we care. Our philanthropy has the potential of touching the lives of virtually every citizen of Minnesota and beyond.

What we own and operate:

Our Minnesota Masonic Home has been providing care for the elderly for more than 100 years. Last year, ourHome was recognized by Newsweek Magazine as the “Best Nursing Home in Minnesota”.  To be the best you must have a kind, caring, highly professional staff, great facilities and environment, exceptional rehabilitation services, wonderful food and engaging programs.  All of these attributes are in place at the Minnesota Masonic Home.  We can all be proud of the association of the word “Masonic” with high quality and compassionate care. The Masonic Home is making that difference.

Our Minnesota Masonic Children’s Clinic for Communication Disorders gives children a voice and receive state of the art treatment regardless of their ability to pay. Imagine the frustration you would have if you were unable to ask for the things you need, unable to connect with those around you because you’re unable to speak, unable to say “I love you.” Now, imagine that there was a place that opens the world of communication for children and families and that help is absolutely free. No battling insurance companies for care, no co-pays, no deductibles.  That is where the MMCCCD comes in.  Each year more than 75 children receive speech and language services and over the past 30 years nearly 2,400 children have been treated.  That is making a difference.

Our Minnesota Masonic Charities Scholarship Program is among the most robust scholarship programs in the State.  Each year we provide scholarships worth more than $1,500,000.  Of that total amount, about $200,000 comes from Lodges and OES Chapters, which is then matched by MMC. Last year we have added a new scholarship, the “Selfless Scholarship”, which is unique in the world of scholarships.  Simply put, the Selfless Scholarship is a scholarship whereby a student nominates another student for a scholarship and describes why that nominee would be a worthy recipient.  Academic achievement is not the prerequisite for the scholarship, but rather the quality and character of the nominee is most important.  If the nominee is selected to receive an award, he or she, receives an award of $2,500 and the nominator receives an award in the same amount.  The Selfless Scholarship has generated great interest and enthusiasm. For hundreds of Minnesota students pursuing their academic objectives, we are helping and making a difference.

Our Minnesota Masonic Heritage Center provides a unique glimpse into the history of Masonry. Throughout the year, Masons and non-Masons have countless opportunities to enjoy a performance in our Ives Auditorium and visit our Col. James Ladd Museum. Over the years, thousands of Masonic artifacts have been catalogued and archived by the Masonic Historical Society. The Ladd Museum is our 3,700 square foot, state-of- the-art home to these Masonic treasures.  Visitors can explore this rare collection through interactive and interpretive displays and admission is absolutely free. For those of us interested in demonstrating the impact of Masonry on the people of Minnesota and preserving the stories and symbols that represent that difference, Our MMHC is making a difference.

Our transformational philanthropic financial support:

The Masonic Cancer Center creates a collaborative research environment focused on the causes, prevention, detection, and treatment of cancer; applying that knowledge to improve quality of life for patients and survivors; and sharing its discoveries with other scientists, students, professionals, and the community. Our mission is to reduce Cancer’s burden in Minnesota and throughout the world. Minnesota Masonic Charities has contributed more than $100,000,000 over the past 70 years.

The Masonic Children’s Hospital is located on the west bank of the Mississippi River in Minneapolis. MCH provides a broad range of pediatric programs from surgery, imaging and neonatal and pediatric intensive care to cardiac and oncology (cancer care) services and blood and marrow and organ transplantation. MCH’s clinical staff apply innovative approaches to creating medical breakthroughs based their work with patients and on findings through research at the University of Minnesota. Minnesota Masonic Charities has pledged more than $25,000,000 to help achieve these objectives.

The Masonic Institute for the Developing Brain (MIDB) brings together University experts to advance brain health from the earliest stages of development across the lifespan, to support each person’s journey as a valued community member. Through unique patient care, research collaboration and a variety of community services and education, the MIDB has already demonstrated that Children with healthy brains have better childhoods and better chances of blossoming into secure, successful adults.

Our transformational philanthropic financial support puts Minnesota Masonic Charities at the forefront of sponsored research, care and treatment for diseases and illnesses affecting thousands of Minnesotans and millions more nationally and internationally.  Our aim has always been to provide support for ground breaking research that would be broadly shared so that our philanthropic support would have the greatest possible benefit to the greatest number of people.  That is making a difference.

In the coming years Minnesota Masonic Charities will always seek to be “Your Charity of choice because of the difference we make.”

Respectfully and Fraternally Submitted.

John Schwietz



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