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To the Most Worshipful Grand Lodge A.F.& A.M. of Minnesota

The Office Management Committee is tasked with overseeing the functions and activities of the Grand Lodge office. Pursuant to section G2.02(8) of the Minnesota Masonic Code, the Office Management Committee shall review and oversee the operations of the Grand Lodge office. In doing, the need of our members, our Constituent Lodges, and those of the Grand Lodge are continually evaluated and, we hope, well met.

Office Efficiency

The Grand Lodge office has increased its efficiency by automating several office processes, including some of the day-to-day bookkeeping in QuickBooks Online, that have proven to be considerable time savers. 


Grandview continues to be expanded and enhanced to benefit the Craft. Two major areas of focus this year were membership engagement and Autopay. 

Membership Engagement

Grandview is able to enhance Member engagement through automated drip emails. Automated drip emails assist the Grand Lodge in communicating with members in a regular, timely, and efficient manner. We currently have automated emails for birthday greetings, Masonic anniversary congratulations, and timed to coincide with major Masonic milestones, like initiations and raisings. 


Members may now pay their annual dues on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis through Grandview’s auto-pay feature.  This feature enables members to pay their dues on a periodic basis, directly from their bank account or credit card, without the hassle and worry of paying their dues all at once or remembering whether they’ve paid.

Director of Membership

In March 2023, the Board of Corporate Trustees approved the creation of the position of “Director of Membership,” which was officially filled by WB Reed Endersbe on April 1st.

The Director of Membership works closely with, and reports directly to, the Grand Secretary.  He is responsible for designing, implementing, and evaluating the Grand Lodge’s membership growth and retention strategy to align with The Grand Lodge of Minnesota’s strategic objectives as well as assisting in the day-to-day management of member engagement. 

Grand Lodge Office Reorganization

At its May 2023 Corporate Board meeting, The Grand Lodge Corporate Board of Trustees, upon the recommendation of the Grand Lodge Office Management Committee, approved the reorganization of the Grand Lodge Office.  The reorganization resulted in the elimination of the position of Assistant Grand Secretary in June 2023. 

Collaborations With Other Masonic Jurisdictions

Other Masonic Jurisdictions

Collaborations with other Masonic Jurisdictions have enabled us to learn from each other and improve our processes.  We have a long history of collaborating with Masonic Jurisdictions within the Midwest due to their proximity.  The Conference of Grand Secretaries and the Grandview Conference have enabled us to expand our opportunities beyond the Midwest.  Among the relationships forged over the years are collaborations with notable jurisdictions such as California, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and North Carolina. A great example is our relationship with the Grand Lodge of Ohio.  The Grand Lodge of Ohio graciously gave us the templates for the previously mentioned automated drip emails for free.

Minnesota Masonic Charities (MMC)

Over the past couple of years, the Grand Lodge has begun to establish a closer, stronger, relationship with MMC. This enhanced, shared services, relationship has provided several cost savings in the areas of marketing and administrative support.


The Grand Lodge has worked closely this past year with MMC to increase our public visibility through enhanced marketing communications via print and television.

Administrative Support

In addition to marketing, MMC has begun providing administrative support to the Grand Lodge office in the areas of IRS 990N filings and genealogical and historical records searches.

Grand Lodge Contact Information

Please refer questions and complaints pertaining to the Grand Lodge Office to Grand Secretary Keith Reierson at 952-948-6700, or by email to

Respectfully submitted,

Robert S. Davis, Senior Grand Warden

Chairman, Office Management Committee


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