Deputy Grand Master


As you know, the duties of the Deputy Grand Master include assisting the Grand Master in his duties and preparing for the coming year. As we go through the officer line, we are given duties as liaison to various committees. The reason for this is to allow all the officers in the line to get to know the operations of the Grand Lodge. Filling each of these positions allows each officer to better understand the workings of the Grand Lodge and the approach to various possible areas of concern.

This coming Masonic year, we will be launching a new program, in partnership with Minnesota Masonic Charities, called Fire Suppression Tool (FST). The objective is to help get the face of Masonry and lodges back into our communities. You will be hearing more about FST during this year’s Annual Communication, including breakout sessions outlining how a lodge can use this program to engage with their community.

The Board of Trustees has been actively working to increase cooperation with Minnesota Masonic Charities. Through this cooperation, we aim to expand the services provided to lodges, while keeping costs in check. This partnership is how programs like FST come to fruition and how training opportunities like the Junior Warden Conference will continue to grow.

It has been an honor and a pleasure serving the craft as Deputy Grand Master. I have traveled the state north, east, south, and west and have met many fine brothers who are working hard to make their lodges a success. With their help I will be able to continue serving the Craft we all love.

Respectfully Submitted,

Dayton L. Berg
Deputy Grand Master

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