To the Most Worshipful Grand Lodge A.F. & A.M. of Minnesota,

As we look forward in the coming years, we look to strengthen our Lodges. The brotherhood of Masonry includes helping each other. Some Lodges are more isolated than others and each have their strengths and weaknesses. Communication can come in many ways We can learn from each other one would be to share our experiences with each other. We would like Lodges sharing their accomplishments through the eMason and Ashlar whether it be a fund raiser, community event or the raising of new brethren. We ask that Lodges share these experiences so that we may each one learn.

The Communication Committee has moved the eMason to the Grandview system and is sent out to the members via email. Although we had to make some changes to the format to better fit, we still would like the Lodges to share events and stories.

Respectfully submitted,
Michael Anderson, PM, Chairman
William Solberg, PM
Chuck Brust, Junior Grand Deacon, Liaison

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